literally and otherwise..

Naughty or Nice

So, I was a nice girl this year, but a naughty blogger this weekend. The reason behind this is because it would have been embarrassing to put up pictures of EVERYTHING I ate the past couple days! I am happy to say I am right back on track today. Literally back to tracking what I am eating by writing it down. I’ll start with the pictures again tomorrow. Of course the Christmas Chinese Feast (YES we ordered $130 worth of Chinese food for dinner this year! haha) was at my house so, there are leftovers galore, but I am going to stay away from them this week. Its my sweet tooth that is the problem around the holidays.. UGHHH. chocolate and wine.. I can’t control myself sometimes.. but I am learning not to beat myself up and to just pick up where I was this time last week! I was doing good šŸ™‚ ok enough of me venting.

Santa was so good to me this year! I love being surprised, and although I make a list, I always end up getting things that I wanted, and I didn’t even know that I wanted them!

Things like:

– a new mini crock pot

– an electronic wine opener

– an amazing watch

– TICKETS TO SEE WHOOPI GOLDBERG live!!! YAYYYYY! my favorite! thanks momma!

– uhmm, clothes, jewelry etc. everything a girl needs.

I love Christmas time because it seems like a FRESH start.. As you look back at your year, the ups and the downs, you can evaluate how you have grown into the person you are today, and what you can change to do it better next year! Everyone better be getting those New Year resolutions ready! I’ll have a list of mine posted soon. I like to go crazy with resolutions so at least 1 of them will stick. I hope. I know I have a couple goals for over break, but nothing too stressful because this is a BREAK from the crazy business of this past semester.

Today is the best lazy day EVER. It’s really snowing outside, so there’s no where to be.. I went to Target with my sister this morning and it was a ZOO. So, the rest of the day is cuddle time on the couch, and maybe a little work out from the Exercise TV I have at home on FIOS. SO COOL, so I have no excuse not to do one of the cool videos. Gotta start this resolution early so it will be a habit soon!! I have to visualize myself being fit and strong and it will happen! POSITIVE THINKING!!

ok, thats all for now loves, CIAO, LEANNE


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