literally and otherwise..

Baking Baking Baking

Home alone 2 is on!!! I am a happy happy girl today. I had the perfect day of family time and baking..

Started with oats, the usual..

Then there was lots of this! I did those two loaves of bread all by myself, and YES those are chocolate mint cookies, with pieces of Andes in them. I haven’t tried them yet because I ate too much homemade bread today. How could I not? I feel like I am back in Italy. The bread there was to die for, and when I add a little Italian seasoning I can actually make a tasty bread!

Then I had a turkey sandwich on the way to my sister’s b-ball game.. on plain wheat bread. Not as tasty and fresh.

Now, I want to enjoy Home Alone and go to bed early! I keep getting up at the crack of dawn and its wearing me out.

xoxooxoxo, Leanne


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