literally and otherwise..

Sweet and Salty

Well folks… me being up really early is not good for the energy levels.. I showered and made oatmeal by 9am.

1/4 oats, 1/2 cup, splash of soy milk, 1/2 a B-A-N-A-N-A, sunflower seed butter blob, and! Jay Robb whey chocolate protein. Sweet and yummy protein.

Insert morning talk shows, wrapping presents, and shopping fails here.

Then, the weirdest lunch ever. I was in such a sweet and salty mood today. Maybe it was my laziness.

Light english muffin: one half is egg whites and salsa, one half is sunflower seed butter and more banana

Insert lots of food network watching, and napping.

Then, some black bean hummus and veggies! yay color hahah.

Enter an epic nap.  Then dinner fail…

Yes, that is spinach all over my microwave. The roomies must hate me for that one hahaha.

And finally dinner. A Smart One Chicken Parm. Yummy comfort food. I bulked it up with spinach, what I could save of it haha.

Cool background right?? Over winter breakkkkk I want to buy some fun plates and bowls and utensils and place mats! I want pretty picturesssss.

So today was a boring Monday, better then a manic Monday right?? I am just so excited to go home I can’t even wait. I’m leaving in a half hour ish to take my brother to his meeting with his professor then we’ll leave from there. YAY. Maybe I’ll convince him to drive. hm….

I’m sure there will be more eats tonight. More picture tomorrow!!

Ciao, Leanne


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