literally and otherwise..

Santa, I know him!!

So, I saw Santa today! He was in my line at AC Moore.. the lovely store I am a cashier at. (insert loser jokes here) He was really big, had a festive tee shirt on, and a Harley Davidson tattoo on his forearm. Santa’s human too ya know ;). I wish I could remember what he bought, but I was mesmerized. I hope he didn’t notice me staring!

Well before the excitement of meeting Santa, I had breakfast at home.

Light english muffin with peanut butter, and 1/4 egg whites! No fruits and veggies yet sorry. 😦

Kinda looks like a weird face. Well, it didn’t photograph well, but it hit the spot.

Then, after a HUGE misunderstanding about my break time. I ate lunch at 12.30 ish which included a variety of colors. Color is always a good thing. Food, walls, and otherwise.

I LOVE that second picture. The first was just for effect. I wanted everyone to see the view of the lovely uplifting break room at AC Moore. I love the second picture though! So, it was a salad, packed with spinach, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, fat free feta, avocado, black beans, AND marinated artichoke hearts. The artichokes really give the salad flavor. I brought salsa as dressing, but I didn’t even use it. It was yummy I ate the whole thing.. Then back out to work.. not much to add there. 7 hours as a cashier isn’t too excited. I probably say, “Do you have a rewards card?” in my sleep. I got another little breaky which was good, and I had a Kashi Chewy Honey Almond Flax bar. Yummy.

I finished work at 5, got paid, and am sitting on the couch watching Elf!! I am off to figure out whats to eat for dinner, and then I could honestly pass out. I’ll post once more before I hit the hay though!

Ciao for now, Leanne


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