literally and otherwise..

Dinner and a show.

Soooo… since I have left you last, I had a filling dinner and took awesome pictures of it with my roomie Caley’s amazing camera! Maybe down the road when I get the hang of this blog thannnnng I’ll invest in one of those cameras. the picture quality is amazing. I should take a picture with mine, then hers just to show you the difference one day!

SO REAL looking. You can see every detail I love it.

Turkey red onion spinach and mustard on that seedy roll from Whole Foods, and some broccoli and hot sauce on the side. Hit the spot.

So I had a nice little dinner with Caley, and caught up reading some blogs. Now I am watching the new Jim Carey’s Christmas carol. I am still full from dinner, but I may grab a little snack and glass of wine before bed. Its been that kind of week with finals and all, what can I say.

Today’s quote of the day didn’t really stick with me, but I’ll share it anyway because it was about going for your dreams. “Never sacrifice the permanent on the alter of the immediate.” – Dr. Bob Jones Sr.

Yeah, I don’t really get it either. But it was explained as when we start toward a new goal (food blog), we are often excited and that fuels us, but things change and life gets in the way and we may get discouraged. This quote is saying not to settle for the immediate relieve of giving up, but keep striving toward something worth while and permanent. Good things in life take time, and you have to be patience and keep carrying on.

It is also important to note that I learned its Brad Pitt’s and Steven Spielberg’s birthday today. Thank you Awe-Manac. Interesting haha.

Another thing I want to add today is a list of 5 things I am grateful for. I did that through out November, and it made me enjoy my days so much more. Gratitude is the only attitude for the season 🙂

Aside from my amazing family and friends…

1) Christmas movies

2) Hot Tea

3) My hearing (I saw a deaf couple at AC Moore, and I started thinking about how hard that must be)

4) Apples.. I am having a craving

5) My health.. an apple a day. hahah.

OK. Goodnight pretty people. Have a wonderful Saturday night! I work 9 – 4 tomorrow. So, I hope to get some sleepy time tonight.

xoxo, Leanne


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