literally and otherwise..


TGIF!!!!!!! For so many reasons..

1) Cinnamilk

2) Last final

3) Getting paid to decorate Christmas cookies

4) Pizza

Breaky, aka Leanne’s favorite meal, was a bowl of half Cinnamon Oat Crunch/half puffed rice with soy milk and I also added a half a banana with some sunflower seed butter for some fruit and protein action. The highlight of this concoction was when the soy milk turned to delicious cinnamilk (!) because of the cereal.

OK! a few shout outs here.. one to my roommates for making me become a novel reader this semester. I mean I have always liked to read, but normally I don’t think I have time during the school year. Well, I am proud to say I have finished 9 novels since September, and this has been my busiest semester by far. SO THANK YOU ROOMIES. Also, shout out to those lovely ladies, because they would appreciate the cinnamilk (!).. it was an invention in one of the books I read Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane. Good book, pick it up if you like chickky flickky type deals. Moving on, the last shout of goes to Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter. UNBELIEVABLE. If you are looking for an alternative to peanut butter or if you are allergic, I recommend this or almond butter. Both of them are very different then peanut butter but very delicious.

I wish I could write about all the exciting things I did between breakfast and lunch..but I literally did nothing. By nothing I mean I watched Rachel Ray and the View, and pretended to study. (I actually should have studied more but that’s a story for later) So lunch came fast and early because I had my exam at 12.30..

Same plate, sorry!

Egg white scramble with grape tomatoes, spinach, and red onions. (Hot sauce and salsa on top of course!) Then a light English muffin on the side. I sprinkle cinnamon on the top, sorta like cinnamon raisin bread, yummmm! I guess cinnamon could be added to my list of must have condiments. I put cinnamon on everything, and i don’t just sprinkle it, I pour it out. It’s suppose to be good for your blood sugar, so I hope it helps haha.

In between lunch and dinner I was a busy little bee.. I had my last final at 12.30 which was so hard. I don’t want to go into detail, but I hated this class and professor. I blanked on the test, majorly. OH WELL. its in the past now. I finished by 1.15 because I was fed up, and I went straight to babysitting. The family I babysit for is awesome. They have four children who are 6, 4, 2, and a 7 month old baby! Adorable, but they keep me on my toes. So, yesterday I made those cute little treats for them, and I also baked sugar cookies so that we could decorate them today. I like to keep the kids busy, time goes by faster..

Here are some of the finished products and supplies.

It was really cute. I took a lot of pictures of the kids too so I might print them out for their mom.

I packed healthy snacks for myself so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a million cookies.

I had some carrots, slices of red peppers, and black bean hummus from Whole Foods. I didn’t take a picture though. It was a busy afternoon. Then, after running around with the babies all afternoon I started to get hungry by 5.30, so I had this beautiful apple.

Their dad got home around 6.30 with a pizza.. and asked me to stay. I think we both know what happened next, I stayed because I didn’t last time, and its Friday so 2 slices of pizza is allowed. Its a rule. Needless to say, I am still a little camera shy so I didn’t whip out my camera and take a picture but I promise if you picture a slice of plain pizza in your head, that’s what I had x2. Now, let me explain something. This pizza is kinda a big deal because it is the first pizza I have had since I got back from Italy (where I studied abroad) in July. OMG. How many months has it been.. five or so? Yeah, that sounds crazy, but I had a good reason for it. Pizza in Italy is out of this world. Obviously, its Italy, where else would you go if you wanted pizza? So, I made a pack with myself to never have pizza in America again. I was going strong, but again.. its Friday. Why not. Pizza sounded good. So I dug in, and two slices later I was stuffffffed. I probably would have been good with just one, but I was so excited about it and it was actually good. So I went for that second piece. Too much. My stomach feels better now, but I had a serious food baby going on.. deep breaths.

So, overall very successful day. I want to watch Christmas movies and pass out early.

Here is a quote to leave you thinking..

“It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate” – Henry David Thoreau

Think positive! Easier said then done!

Have a good night!

xoxo, Leanne

the highlight of this concoction was that the soy milk turned to delicious cinnamilk (!) because of the cereal.

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