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Fake and Bake

Hi alllllll!


So, today I am going to do a full day of posts, one for each meal and snacks, but I can’t promise that everyday! Today is a good day to start because I can get it going and write good posts for each meal! So, this morning I went to Whole Foods and picked up some soup and fresh rolls for dinner tonight (pictures later), and a yummy black bean hummus that looked good. If you have never tried hummus.. do it! Its not as scary and vegetarian as it sounds. After Whole Foods I had to make another stop for my Daddy’s Christmas gift which I can’t disclose in case my family decides to start reading! Who knows? haha. Then, I stopped at target to get supplies to do some holiday baking, if you can call it that. I came home.. started blasting Christmas music and started to fake and bake! I mean the oven was involved, but nothing actually had to cook. I got the idea from a website:


Her’s look a lot better then mine do! So take a look at those pictures too.. but heres what it is.

Hershey Kiss Pretzel Bites! Well, that’s what I’ll call them..

Super duper easy. Take pretzels (holiday shaped ones!!) and put a Hershey Kiss on each one. Pop them in the oven at 170 degrees for 6 mins! Very specific, but it works, and as soon as they come out top them with anything you want. I opted for crushed up candy cane we had in the house, but M&Ms work or sprinkles! Get creative. I made them for the kids I babysit for a “special snack” tomorrow, so I kept them simple, but all the different kinds of Hershey Kisses that are out look so good. I wanted to try the mint ones, but I refrained..

While they were baking and cooling, I munched on carrots and make a quick, colorless lunch, which isn’t a good way to start this blog, but I can’t eat just fruits and veggies! So, technically this could be a breakfast or lunch. Light English Muffin toasted. 1/4 cup egg whites. and a little proportioned slice of 2% cheddar cheese. I HATE fat free cheese. I use it sometimes.. but it tastes like rubber and doesn’t melt.. Something about that seems funny to me. 2% is worth it, and if its the portioned size, then its not over doing it. I added more carrots on the side and some Frank’s hot sauce to dip.

and YES this is an owl plate. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with owls. Its a long story so I should just get it out of the way now. My college’s mascot is an owl, so my thoughtful sister (who is in the picture with me on the info page, she is my bff<3) decided to make me an owl piggy bank. It spiraled out of control from there.. my mom started buying me everything in sight that had an owl on it, and now I have a nice little collection. Maybe I’ll take a picture someday and post it. Bottom line is I have learned to love them..and this is my favorite plate so it will be making many appearances. The owls are here to stay.

But anyway, back to Frank’s hot sauce because condiments are very important to me. Basic everyday condiments that some people take for granted can add so much flavor and are super healthy.

Here is my must have condiment list:

1)Frank’s hot sauce



4)Grated Parmesan cheese

I honestly put them on EVERYTHING. I use salsa instead of dressing most of the time, and mustard is perfect for dipping anything in. I can’t think of anymore right now, but when I do I’ll let you know!


Well that’s all for now! I have a final to study for, and I see a nap in my future. I was up way to early on my day off.

xoxo, Leanne


What are you favorite condiments and combination’s?


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